We treasure your health!

At Ave Maria Compassionate Health Care, we will earn your trust. We value your confidence in our staff of health care professionals. By all means possible, we will preserve a harmonious relationship with you and your family as we administer the care programs, therapy services and skilled nursing services. This is important to foster a positive environment for recovery as well as in the transition towards old age or while managing a chronic illness. 

Ave Maria Compassionate Health Care is a licensed and fully bonded agency with over 40 years experience in the providing care. We are committed to partnering with you in the delivery of care at a facility or in your home.

Today, there are rising costs in almost every basic component of living. However, at Ave Maria Compassionate Health Care, we offer our services at very competitive rates. We accept private pay patients, most Long-Term Care Insurance policies, Worker’s Compensation policies, and arranged third party billing. This is all to make it convenient for our clients and their  families.

We are a company that cares. Place your treasure in our hands today. Contact our office by phone (201) 637-1281, or send us an email at treasure@avemariacares.com.