Ave Maria Compassionate Health Care is a care provider that is set apart from our competitors. Our goal is to make you happy. Whether you are in a facility, or already at home, allowing you to stay at home while receiving care is our utmost wish for you.

We care for our clients and patients with compassion, skill, and a dedication to making your life more comfortable in a care facility or your own home. Our medical services and professional staff are value-driven with courtesy – we still adhere to high quality guidelines, which is why Ave Maria Compassionate Health Care can assist you!

We are proud of our rich history. Many clients, individual patients and families have benefited from the nursing services that we provide without regard for race, national origin, gender, age or religion. An equal opportunity employer and company.

Ave Maria Compassionate Health Care ensures the continuity of care for every client who chooses us to be their partner in achieving quality in their lifestyles at home or while in a care facility.

We work in conjunction with other patient care providers to facilitate a full continuum of health care services as well as medical social work, our staff can be made available for assignments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our office duly coordinates with team members as this is part of the efficiency measures that guarantee the continuity of care that is prescribed for you by your physician.