5 Ways to Help Seniors Maintain Their Dignity, Respect, & Independence

With age comes maturity, unfortunately with our increase in age there comes a need for physical assistance. As a main caregiver or agent responsible for the care of an aging loved one, it is easy to forget the importance of our seniors need for independence while aiming to provide them the best care. Here are some tips that will help your senior maintain dignity, respect and independence even in their aging days.

1) Speak with your loved ones about their interest & support their social life:

Keeping active and social is very important to keep the mind youthful. Help your senior family members attend regular activities such as church, visiting relatives and reconnecting with friends and groups safely, in-person or remotely. Where possible encourage them attend activities such as community events, library lectures, and theatrical performances. Even though public events may be limited during this pandemic time there are several virtual resources available in each community that can help your loved one stay active and engaged.

2) Provide opportunities to grow healthy body, mind, soul, spirit and emotions:

There are many ways for senior citizens to maintain healthy bodies, minds, spirits, and emotions. Through activities like prayer/meditation groups our loved ones can strength their spirituality and their mental space. engaging in regular exercise sessions – single or in group (observing social distancing) yoga, stretches, block walks etc. reinforce physical health and mobility.
If you are looking for other way to stimulate their minds without needing to be in public spaces, try playing games such as puzzles, cards, and TV game shows. Other important factors to incorporate is moving with the seasons, such as planting flowers in spring or spending time outdoors when whether permits.

3) Maintain daily routines & structure:

Your loved ones once maintained their own homes, jobs and entire lives. One way to help them maintain a sense of independence even while received assistance or care is by allowing them to engage in activities such as light cleaning, cooking, baking cookies and shopping. These activities enable them hold on to some autonomy while adjusting to health changes with a sense of dignity. It can also provide structure to those who are cognitively declined.

4) Consider professional assistance:

Home care assistance may benefit both you and your loved one. Some seniors may be more comfortable having personal care provided by a non- family member. Professional assistance also provides relief for caregivers to care for themselves and their families thus preventing burn out and conflict. Service like ours prioritize safety and professional caregivers provide exceptional care for your loved ones and can liaison with long distance family members. With professional assistance you can customize your hours and care according to your need, affordability and satisfaction.

If you are in need of professional care assistance: our company can help you. Contact us at treasure@avemariacares.com for more information.

5) Support opportunities for them to make their own choice:

The ability to make choices and access to options enable seniors to maintain a sense of dignity, respect and independence. Therefore, it is important that whatever you are doing to help your senior loved ones allow them an opportunity to voice their opinions and have choices in the process.